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Dear Unit owners of 3714 34th Street Condominium

There are several expenses that the HOA would like to get opinions of the unit owner’s opinions agreement. A majority of vote calculated based on the % common interest. Please only vote once for each unit. We will need to get majority (67%) of the vote to proceed with the expenses. The ballot will start on 6/16/2021 and end at 6/20/2021 11:59 PM.

Please Fill the Vote Form

1. Additional full time or part time porter to be added. The labor for the porter will be approximately $25 per hour plus tax. The monthly expense for a full-time porter is about $4,700, For a part time porter, the expense will be around $2,350. We can either use the working capital or reserve to pay for the additional labor, with no additional expenses to the unit owners, or we can increase the common charge. Please answer these questions below:

Your Decision to hire one more porter:

2. The installation of magnetic locks on both North and South side of the interior entrance. The estimate cost for this will be around $6,500-$7,000 plus tax. The cost of this installation will come out from the working capital/reserve fund.

Your decision to install magnetic locks

3. The installation of soundproof/Sound deadening materials in Gym area. The consultation cost alone is $5,000+. The actual work of installation of sound deadening/insulation materials can only be quoted after the initial consulting.

Your decision to hire consultant

4. Some owners are requesting to have more exercise equipment in the gym, such as more weight and dumbbells. The cost of this additional equipment will be around $2,600. We can use the reserve/working capital for this purchase.

Your decision to purchase more exercise equipment

5. Some owners are requesting to purchase Echelon membership to use on the cycling machine in the Gym. The 2 years of membership cost $699 plus tax. The initial purchase can be done with the working capital and reserve fund. The future membership might cause an increase of common charges.

Your decision to purchase Echelon membership

Thanks for submitting!

6. Some owners are requesting to have the window facade cleaned. We have obtained a window washing proposal of $3,500 + tax from 

Your decision to clean the window facade
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